iO3 to integrate DTN weather and route data into maritime applications

Singapore-based shipping software provider iO3 has announced a partnership with DTN to improve the weather and routing intelligence capabilities within its JARVISS Digital Platform, the companies report.

The move will see marine weather intelligence delivered through DTN’s Marine Content APIs added into iO3’s applications, providing customers with an overview of weather conditions and their impact on performance, route optimisation and carbon emissions.

This includes the cloud-based DTN Marine Weather API, which uses inputs from global model providers and proprietary marine-specific models, assessed using multiple verification points such as buoys and satellite observations, as well as the DTN Vessel Routing API supporting route optimisation and carbon emission indexes.

The data sets will be integrated into iO3’s V.IoT shipboard data aggregation system for engine performance data, to inform on how weather impacts asset performance, as well as being a foundational element of a new V.Weather application to be launched in Q4 2022.

“With weather intelligence to complement V.IoT shipboard data, routing decisions as well as shipboard performance monitoring will be much more holistic in the aim for net zero emissions,” said Kenny Koh, CEO, iO3.

“We are very excited about the DTN partnership and what it means for the future of collaboration and digitalisation in the maritime industry.”

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