Innovez One and Aventra Group to develop port analytics dashboard

Port technology firm Innovez One has signed a partnership with data analytics company Aventra Group to develop an analytics dashboard to add new functionality to digital Port Management Information Systems (PMIS).

The joint platform, Port Management Insights (PMIn-sights), will use historical and real-time data gathered from IoT sensors to improve the operational efficiency of port, towage and pilotage operations by applying machine learning automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

The analytics dashboard will integrate data from several sources and applications, to support data sharing and allow managers to see all information in one central location. The two companies also intend to develop a data library of use cases to support further port management digitalisation.

“We are very excited to be joining forces with Innovez One to contribute to the acceleration of ports’ digital transformation,” said Juan Jose Gil, CEO and Executive Director of Aventra Digital.

“The digital era is the era of collaboration where leading companies bring in their best strengths to build unprecedented value. This partnership will equip ports to run smoother with an in-depth understanding of their operations while uncovering all the potential for improvement.”

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