VSTEP to launch home version of vessel simulator system

Maritime simulation company VSTEP is to release its latest NAUTIS Home training system in Q4 of 2022, to allow users to access its ship simulation technology from any location.

Users with a PC with a 3D graphics card will be able to take advantage of NAUTIS Home’s standardised content for individual training and assessment focused on basic navigation and manoeuvring. Trainees will be able to navigate realistic environments, such as Rotterdam, Hong Kong and New York, and operate a variety of vessel types.

The system will be released as an Early Access version in the last quarter of this year, with the company planning to apply feedback from early adopters to refine and improve the product, while also creating a connected community of system users.

“An Early Access release gives us the opportunity to build a community from the start and collect feedback and input from the users. This way, we can adjust the development course and tailor the software towards the market needs for the long term,” said Fabian van den Berg, Chief Executive Officer of VSTEP.

“Providing a community platform and rolling out the option for multiplayer in phases next year have a prominent place on our roadmap.”

The aim is to have a feature complete NAUTIS Home ready by the end of 2023, the company says.

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