Port of Tianjin to work with Huawei to create digital twin

Tianjin Port Group in China and technology firm Huawei are to work together to build a digital twin of the port, with the goal of supporting the further development pf automated and intelligent operations to improve efficiency.

The Section C Terminal in the Beijiang Port Area of the Port of Tianjin is already classified by the operator as a ‘smart, zero-carbon’ port terminal, with 5G and L4 autonomous driving technologies deployed at the facility.

Container cranes operate automatically, and remotely controlled quay cranes lift loaded containers from cargo ships and transfer them to robots for onward transportation. These robots are guided to automatic locking/unlocking stations to unlock containers and then to the container yard along optimal driving routes calculated in real time.

“These innovations being used at the Port of Tianjin are having a huge impact on the port industry, creating new value for ports by improving operating environments, driving green and low-carbon development, and increasing operational efficiency,” said Yang Jiemin, Vice President of Tianjin Port Group.

“We believe that these practices will promote the intelligent development of the global port industry.”

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