Tankers International adds CII calculations to VLCC fixture app

Tankers International, a shipping pool for VLCCs, has announced the launch of a new CII feature for its VLCC fixture app, which uses the group’s market data to calculate indicative voyage CII scores for all market fixtures.

The CII reporting mechanism benchmarks vessel bunker consumption against the closest similar ship out of the 250 vessels that have traded in the Tankers International pool since 2000. This is set against a benchmark speed, which adapts based on Tankers International’s own data on averages across the sector and market conditions.

The app’s data displays an analysis and breakdown of how a voyage CII score is calculated, so a shipowner will know how their voyage is ranked and where they may need to improve. In addition, if a voyage incurred a long idle period, the app will provide two CII estimates to account for this.

“Many people are still uncertain about how to keep up with shipping’s latest regulation, and we recognise the importance and need for quality data faster, to support decision making for shipowners, charterers and brokers,” said Charlie Grey, Chief Operating Officer, Tankers International.

“We foresee CII ratings impacting commercial decisions across the sector this year, and providing access to this voyage specific CII information will support key market stakeholders – helping them adhere to decarbonisation regulations and recognise market trends more quickly.”

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