Seatrium smart shipyard tech gains approval based on new guidelines

ABS has launched a new Guide for Smart Technologies for Shipyards, with Seatrium of Singapore becoming the first shipyard group to have its systems approved in line with the publication.

Seatrium’s Mobile Wearable Personal Device (MWPD) Monitoring System, which leverages internet of things (IOT) and platform technologies has also received Product Design Assessment (PDA) approval from ABS.

The MWPD Monitoring System is integrated into smart devices that are deployed shipyard wide. These devices are worn on the wrist and offer features such as fall detection, geo-location, emergency connectivity and real-time safety notifications.

The devices can be monitored via a command centre to help improve response time to emergencies and deploy safety messages more effectively.

“The smart device is another example of how Seatrium is harnessing digital technologies as part of our broader strategy to transform our workforce, products and services in support of our order book, while achieving safety and operational excellence to further augment our Smart Yard vision. We are glad to collaborate with ABS to advance smart technologies for the industry and create value which will benefit all stakeholders,” said Chris Ong, Seatrium Chief Executive Officer.

ABS and Seatrium have a multi-year joint development project (JDP) in place to work on digital transformation projects for the offshore, marine and energy industries. This includes collaboration on initiatives such as remote inspections using smart glasses with 5G technology, to enhance the surveying process during and after the construction of a vessel.

In 2022 Seatrium launched a 5G infrastructure across its yard operations to enable the trial and deployment of a variety of use cases, including an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) remote inspection platform and video analytics.

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