ChartWorld adds CII and performance tool to fleet management system

ChartWorld has announced the addition of a new tool to calculate and predict Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) scores and other performance parameters to its existing MyFleet vessel management system.

The latest MyFleet 1.15 provides users with the option to choose the most fuel-efficient route, reduce their operational carbon footprint, and record and report this data.

The Vessel Performance Model (VPM) used for the predicted CII and voyage performance calculations incorporates a range of different parameters, like speed, fuel consumption, draft, or engine RPM to create a vessel’s ‘speed curve’. Fleet managers may use a generic speed curve, created in the database, or a customised model with the speed curve customised to a specific vessel.

MyFleet 1.15 also includes weather routing, which enables the Voyage Order route to be created and calculated using different options such as fixed speed, fixed RPM, and fixed engine load. Additionally, users can specify weather limits for improved routing optimisation.

“We are thrilled to announce the release of MyFleet 1.15, which incorporates new features to manage the CII rating of each vessel,” said Oliver Schwarz, Business Development Director of ChartWorld.

“The new extension of the Voyage Order features with weather routing, vessel performance and CII predictions enable bridge and onshore teams to make better decisions and improve the efficiency of their operations.”

The software also comes with a ‘No Vessel Performance Calculation’ option, which calculates the quickest Voyage Order route by using the ChartWorld Route Network without vessel performance data, including a schedule based on the Planned Time of Departure (PTD) and planned speed.

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