Farra Marine to implement vessel monitoring system on newbuild CTVs

Farra Marine, a Dublin-based crew transfer vessel (CTV) operator in the offshore wind sector, has agreed a deal to implement Reygar’s BareFLEET vessel monitoring system on seven CTVs to be constructed at the Penguin International shipyard in Singapore.

BareFLEET is already running across Farra’s existing operational fleet, used to provide information on fuel use, emissions, machinery health, VMMS motion and navigational activity based on continuous on-board sensor measurements.

“Our ethos with the fleet is to monitor, identify, improve and reduce. BareFLEET has been key in enabling enhanced fuel efficiencies and improved passenger comfort across the board,” said Martin Rice, Farra Marine CEO.

“We have been able to demonstrate the performance credentials of our ‘Windflex’ CTV design, backed up by real-time fuel consumption, engine load and motion data, to clients worldwide. Reygar’s system provides a level of transparency on how our vessels and crew perform that has supported us in building trust and strengthening customer relationships.”

“Of course, in some instances, passengers themselves make the call not to transfer on to the turbines. BareFLEET can still demonstrate that the vessel and crew fulfilled their remit in terms of vessel ability to transfer.”

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