ECOsubsea raises $12m for hull cleaning robots

ECOsubsea, provider of a robotic hull cleaning service to improve vessel efficiency, has announced that it has raised $12 million in new funding from SWEN Capital Partner’s Blue Ocean fund.

The Series B financing will support the Norwegian firm in scaling up its operations to provide sustainable hull cleaning on a global basis. The company currently operates in Europe but has plans to extend its reach into key shipping hubs in Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.

“We are leaders in the sustainable hull cleaning space. The current practice of uncontrolled release of hazardous waste into the marine environment is not sustainable,” said ECOsubsea CEO Tor Østervold.

“Our service is provided in parallel with port operations, it is compatible with all coating types and can be used on any vessel. This is key to ensure a rapid customer uptake and makes it highly scalable.”

“The support from Swen Capital Partners is supercharging our quest to make sustainable hull cleaning widely available and affordable, providing customers a payback of as little as five days. Our goal is to clean a 400-metre container vessel in under 12 hours.”

ECOsubsea’s technology can be used to clean and capture biofouling in a ‘closed loop’ system, preventing non-native organisms, toxins and microplastics from being released and polluting marine environments. Its robotic ‘vacuum cleaners’ move over the ship’s hull, removing fouling and capturing the debris in a multi-layered approached.

“This major investment occurs at a unique moment when both the company and the market are at an inflection point,” said Julie Peyrache, Investment Director of Paris-based SWEN’s Blue Ocean fund.

“The impact on fuel consumption reduction and on the spread of invasive species, one of the main causes of Earth’s ongoing biodiversity crisis, is immediate. This Series B is the first step to expand the activity and we hope to get more investors onboard to accelerate the global reach of ECOsubsea.”

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