Auramarine launches fuel and emissions reduction system

Auramarine has launched its new Auramarine Fuel Economiser (AFE) system, to assist ship owners and operators to proactively analyse and identify opportunities for the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions.

The AFE monitors and measures the fuel consumption of vessels across a whole fleet, collecting data from fuel and power-related systems on board regardless of whether a vessel is in operation or not, including main and auxiliary engines, gas turbines, boilers, and inert gas generators.

Data is collected for parameters including the type of fuel oil used, consumption, volume, mass information, viscosity and temperature behaviour, as well as shaft power meter and engine data.

“We understand that it is incredibly challenging for ship owners and operators to manage the process of compliance in relation to new regulations, such as CII and EEXI, while also looking at immediate and long-term mitigation strategies to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as focusing on their day-to-day operations,” said John Bergman, CEO at Auramarine.

“This is in conjunction with managing the differing requirements of carbon emissions monitoring, reporting and verification regulations driven by EU MRV and IMO DCS, which creates additional complexities and challenges for personnel tasked with reporting responsibilities.”

“However, while ensuring compliance can be a challenge, it also presents the opportunity to implement technical and operational solutions to maximise vessel performance.”

AFE can be applied to any vessel regardless of the engine or fuel supply system that it is using, with the company noting that it can be retrofitted in about two days.

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