Weathernews and Dataloy Systems begin partnership

Weathernews and Dataloy Systems report that they have linked their respective technologies to deliver an integrated system to optimise voyage management based on weather data.

This integration combines Weathernews’ historical seasonal routes and sea margins with Dataloy Systems’ Voyage Management System (VMS). As a result of the companies’ strategic partnership, mutual clients will be able to add Weathernews weather data into their VMS without needing to switch between applications.

The move is aimed at streamlining users’ pre-fixture planning, budgeting, and decision-making processes, to make voyage management more efficient.

“Optimising route-planning functions with advanced weather technology empowers owners and operators to make well-informed route decisions, prioritising both efficiency and vessel safety,” said Henrik Faurschou, Global Product and Market Strategy Leader at Weathernews.

“With a team of highly trained weather forecasters and meteorologists working around the clock to deliver cutting-edge weather forecasts, risk analyses, and routing advice, Weathernews currently provides weather forecast, risk analysis, and routing advice to approximately 10,000 vessels worldwide.”

“Our partnership with Dataloy Systems represents an exciting opportunity to simplify the decision-making process for commercial staff, ensuring they make the most optimised choices. We are eagerly anticipating a fruitful, long-term collaboration with Dataloy Systems, as we work together to create solutions that enhance the safety and sustainability of the maritime industry.”

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