The Swedish Club announces vessel cyber coverage for members

The Swedish Club has announced that from the beginning of 2024 it will offer all Club members Cyber Insurance coverage, providing support in the event of a cyber-attack.

This move is aligned with IMO’s guidelines for cyber security that aim to provide managers and crew with the capabilities to effectively cope with cyber-attacks that occur on computer-based systems on board ships.

The Swedish Club’s cover will be offered at preferential rates to all vessels insured for H&M or P&I through the Club, with three packages available depending on the level of cover needed.

“As the industry’s ‘All-in-One Club’ we have worked hard to build a reputation for providing our members with comprehensive support for all their operational needs, and offering this cyber insurance is a natural progression in our commitment to them,” said Thomas Nordberg, Managing Director of The Swedish Club.

“Partnered with our loss prevention efforts, this initiative now addresses the escalating threat of cyber-attacks.”

“When port states and coast guards around the world start asking about cyber risk mitigation and resilience – and they already are – our member shipowners can show them a Cyber Insurance policy from The Swedish Club, with specialist cover for maritime cyber-emergency response, physical damage and wreck removal resulting from a cyber-attack.”

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