NAVTOR updates passage planning system

NAVTOR reports that it has completed a revamp of its passage planning software module, featured in the latest version 6.3 release of its NavStation system.

The new module offers expanded automation and auto-calculations, better data utilisation, the ability to revise and update plans after voyage deviations/changes, and a new dashboard.

“Passage plans are vital documents that come under close scrutiny from state controls and global authorities. But, as any navigator knows, they are also time-consuming and, in an atmosphere of ever-increasing responsibility and regulation, a real burden in terms of administrative workload,” said Timo Essers, e-Navigation Director, NAVTOR.

“Our software module has addressed this issue over the past few years, but after close collaboration with the industry we’ve now taken that to the next level with a new batch of digital innovations. We see this as smart shipping in action.”

“Some of our customers made us aware of how inconvenient it was to make new plans if there were deviations from the original passage plans, for example, if weather enforced changes, or if port congestion impacted upon sailing schedules. So, in version 6.3 users can now simply revise and update approved passage plans in real-time, rather than starting from scratch.”

Various operational processes can now be automated within the software, with data gathered from NAVTOR’s e-Navigation services to populate necessary data fields. The new version can link with data sources such as tidal information, time zones, ENCs, load lines, and port databases to deliver automated calculations, including under keel clearance and overhead clearance, with considerations for minimum draughts, trims and CATZOC.

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