KMSM develops SIRE 2.0 software with Solverminds

K Marine Ship Management (KMSM), a ship management company operated by Japan’s ‘K’ LINE Group, reports that it has completed the development of a new dedicated SIRE 2.0 management module with software company Solverminds.

This new module connects with KMSM’s KONeCT ship management software, previously developed by Solverminds and customised for KMSM. KONeCT is used for centralised management of ship management databases, consolidating data on ship safety, inspections, maintenance and other processes within a single platform.

The application covers a variety of functions, such as safety and quality control, ship inspection management, scheduled maintenance, procurement and training, with KMSM and Solverminds beginning joint development of a dedicated SIRE 2.0 management module for KONeCT in 2022, built to comply with SIRE 2.0 ship inspection processes.

The new module incorporates items from the CVIQ (Compiled Vessel Inspection Questionnaire) standard, a vessel-specific set of questions compiled for each vessel inspection, to assist the company in managing processes from the preparation for inspections to reporting after completion.

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