Sloman Neptun adds dual-Starlink set-up to 19 vessels

Bremen-based Sloman Neptun has begun rolling out dual Starlink antennas across its fleet of 19 tankers and dry cargo vessels, following the agreement of a deal with satcom service provider Navarino.

“We have chosen Starlink because we really wanted to upgrade the connectivity available onboard our fleet,” said Ingo Wenske, IT Admin, and Eckhard Bartkowski, Head of IT.

“In tests we found that, with a single antenna, there were occasional signal drops either because of the vessel’s course, or due to obstructions. This is why we have decided to adopt a dual antenna approach with Starlink, in order to minimise such disruptions and to provide high speed, low latency connectivity as seamlessly as possible. We also have VSAT installed, which will now act as a backup system for us.”

“We are looking forward to the new possibilities that Starlink can offer for both our business and crew welfare operations. In the past, using VSAT we found that it could often be difficult to effectively synchronise onboard business applications because of the lower speed and higher latency of VSAT. Now, with Starlink this becomes much more feasible, and its high speeds mean that we can effectively treat our vessels as a true extension of our office.”

The company plans to leverage the new connectivity set-up to begin using Microsoft Teams for video calling with the fleet and to deliver improved remote access capabilities to the vessels.

“Combining dual Starlink antennas with VSAT is the ultimate connectivity approach and we are delighted that they have put their trust in Navarino to deliver the high speed, low latency connectivity of Starlink,” said Frieder Voelsen, Account Manager for Navarino Germany.

“I look forward to supporting and working closely with them for many years to come.”

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