Dry Bulk Centre of Excellence launched

INTERCARGO, the International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners, and digital maritime platform RightShip have announced the launch of the Dry Bulk Centre of Excellence (DBCE), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the administration of the Dry Bulk Management Standard (DryBMS) framework.

DryBMS was developed by INTERCARGO and RightShip as an industry tool to raise standards and best practices across safety, security, environmental performance, and crew welfare in the dry shipping sector.

From May 2024, DBCE will maintain a portal where ship owners and managers can complete digital self-assessment against the DryBMS framework, with the option to share the results of their self-assessments with their charterer customers.

In addition, DBCE will establish an independent self-assessment audit verification process for evaluating and verifying actual performance against self-assessments, offering accreditation for independent auditors to its defined standard.

DBCE will be run by an independent management team and will adopt a governance model convened from ship owners, managers, and charterers. The Board of Directors will be chaired alternatively by representatives from the community of ship owners/ ship managers and charterers, as well as including representation from RightShip, INTERCARGO and other industry stakeholders.

“The launch of the DBCE is the next step for the industry in going beyond compliance and achieving excellence, with the support of the DryBMS framework,” said newly appointed DCBE managing director, Ian McLeod.

“The welfare of crew, protection of the environment, and sustainable operation of assets form the bedrock of this initiative, all of which encourage companies towards better operational practices. This benefits not just ship owners, but all in the industry.”

“We urge ship owners, managers and other stakeholders across the sector to use this tool and to join us on this transformative journey to make dry bulk shipping stronger, safer, and more sustainable.”

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