Digital crew change support portfolio introduced by ATPI Marine Travel

ATPI Marine Travel has launched a new range of digital applications designed to improve crew change management, across the pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip phases.

Collectively called Crew Change Logistics, the new initiative aims to optimise planning and operations with a focus on data and market intelligence, as well as targeted communication.

“With the launch of this new portfolio, we are taking a significant step forward in transforming crew travel management,” said Nikos Gazelidis, Chief Commercial Officer at ATPI Marine Travel.

“Our goal is to expand the value added services we provide and function as an extension of our clients’ crewing teams. This allows us to make crew changes more efficient and cost-effective while supporting the well-being of crew members and promoting environmental sustainability.”

The new range consists of five hybrid offerings enabled by digital, data-centric applications with human support.

These include CrewView, which optimises crew travel operations by making booking decisions based on data analytics and peer benchmarking; CrewD2D (Door to Deck) for management, notification and communication of both air travel and land-based arrangements at the crew change location; and CrewCare to provide comfort and support for seafarers to reduce stress.

Also available are CrewPoint, a single point of contact for crew change communication and management, and CrewCarbon, which offers data-driven advice to minimise the carbon footprint of crew traveling to and from their ships.

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