Oldendorff to deploy Harbor Lab platform for disbursement account management

Dry bulk shipping company Oldendorff Carriers has agreed a new contract with Greek technology firm Harbor Lab to deploy its disbursements data platform for port transactions.

Oldendorff will roll out the system as part of a drive to solve three core challenges, including streamlining of processes, reducing invoicing costs and improving transparency.

The Harbor Lab platform is used to manage disbursement accounting processes and payments among shipping companies, port agents and vendors. The software calculates and evaluates port expenses down to the individual terminal and berth for comparison against the real-time port tariffs published by port authorities.

Discrepancies and incorrect invoices can be automatically highlighted to assist in identifying differences between estimated disbursement costs and actual invoices.

 “Whilst a lot of shipping companies are watching and waiting, Oldendorff has always been embracing change and efficiency at all levels,” said Sven Möller, Managing Director Operations of Oldendorff Carriers.

“Digitalisation and platforms such as Harbor Lab who are offering automated solutions/processes will continue to change how our industry will operate in future.”

“It will reduce operational cost, improve efficiency, data quality and give our employees more time to concentrate on Oldendorff’s core business.”

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