Seaward Services to roll out Spinergie smart fleet application

Seaward Services is to roll out a new smart fleet management system across its fleet of offshore vessels, in partnership with maritime technology company Spinergie.

Seaward Services, a subsidiary of Hornblower Group, operates a fleet of multipurpose service vessels (MPSVs) and crew transfer vessels (CTVs). The CTV fleet is engaged in offshore wind operations along the US East Coast.

Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management software integrates various modules into its analytics platform to assist shoreside operations personnel in monitoring and managing the fleet remotely.

Seaward will be able to use the application to collect data from logbooks, weather sources, and GIS (Geographic Information System) algorithms that associate vessel tracks with offshore project areas and sensitive environmental regions. This data will then be processed through a KPI dashboard that drills down into operational metrics.

The data analysis will help Seaward to determine performance improvement opportunities by benchmarking individual voyages against these metrics.

“Seaward Services’ continued role as a leader in offshore vessel operations is built on our expert crew’s ability to leverage new technologies and data-driven insights to deliver more efficient and sustainable services across our global fleet of vessels,” said Scott Keever, Vice President of International and Offshore Operations, Seaward Services.

“Integrating Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management solution will allow our team to pair its on-the-water operational expertise with real-time insights and detailed data analytics to increase fleet efficiency and safety, lessen environmental impact, and drive the future of offshore operations.”

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