AI predictive crew healthcare to be added to VIKAND platform

Maritime telemedicine firm VIKAND has partnered with Singaporean start-up Riverr to apply AI and machine learning to seafarer healthcare data, with the aim of significantly improving onboard health and safety.

VIKAND’s data management system will integrate a range of functionalities from Riverr’s AI-powered healthcare platform following the deal, including Riverr Care Studio and Riverr AI Health Companion, to improve analysis of individual health data and assist in identifying potential health risks early on to allow for preventative measures and interventions.

Each forecast will utilise specific healthcare data to identify and explain the risks faced by crew members, enabling targeted interventions.

It is hoped that the approach will ultimately leading to fewer medical emergencies and improved crew well-being, not only benefitting seafarers but also maritime operators if fewer medical evacuations or diversions are required.

“Partnering with Riverr allows us to take a significant step forward in advancing health equity and sustainability in the maritime industry,” said Peter Hult, CEO of VIKAND.

“With Riverr’s Bedrock platform, we enhance health outcomes for seafarers while driving social sustainability practices by providing comprehensive insights into workforce health.”

“With a serious shortfall of seafarers predicted by 2026, we need to ensure that our current workforce remains healthy. Having access to unambiguous healthcare data is vital to ensure proactive measures can be taken to minimise risk and safeguard crew welfare.”

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