VIKAND partners with Neuron for telemedicine bandwidth demand management

Maritime healthcare provider VIKAND has partnered with Neuron, a satcom Quality of Experience (QoE) platform, to assist in management of bandwidth for critical response services during emergency situations at sea.

The companies will work together to ensure that apps and tech systems required for response efforts that may require greater bandwidth and a higher quality internet connection can operate as required. This extra data capacity may be needed to transfer large files, hold video conference calls, perform telediagnosis or analyse test results.

Neuron’s platform can be integrated with the VIKAND Connect App, developed by maritime app platform FrontM, as well as other Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable VIKAND’s medical team to orchestrate the network changes required to deliver increased capacity and performance in real time during a maritime medical emergency.

The system programmatically blends the ideal combination of connectivity types, regardless of provider, to best match the specific application required in the moment.

“Reliable connectivity is critical to any vessel at sea, but it’s particularly relevant to onboard healthcare,” said Ronald Spithout, Managing Director OneHealth by VIKAND.

“With Neuron, we can reallocate bandwidth across an entire fleet, allowing onboard medical teams to evaluate things like full-resolution X-rays or ultrasound results, or give shoreside teams remote access to onboard medical equipment.”

The agreement is part of a wider move by Neuron to link with maritime application providers, with the launch of a new range of network APIs that are being made available to technology providers and app developers to enable application-driven quality of experience (QoE) on demand.

“Telecom network APIs are incredibly powerful, but they’ve always been focused on cellular, limiting their value for maritime companies that rely on LTE, satellite and Wi-Fi,” said Benny Retnamony, founder and CEO, Neuron.

“Because Neuron enables multi-provider access with AI-powered network management, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate application-driven QoE on demand for the maritime industry. We look forward to collaborating with a range of maritime solution providers to unlock the next generation of apps and services at sea.”

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