DanPilot and Danelec unveil remote piloting system

Danish piloting company DanPilot and maritime technology company Danelec have collaborated on the development of a new remote piloting system, to support safe piloting without requiring a pilot to board the ship.

The system leverages vessel data collected by Danelec equipment on board and sent to the cloud, allowing it to be displayed in near real-time ashore and accessed by DanPilot staff. This can allow a pilot to experience a similar level of situational awareness to those aboard the ship, while saving the time, risk and cost of joining the vessel.

“Piloting is both time and resource-intensive, and it is extremely dangerous for the pilot boarding the vessel. Therefore, we are very happy to be in the market with a remote solution that enables DanPilot to guide global ship traffic through Danish waters without going onboard,” said Christian Kock, EVP, Safety at Danelec.

“Although changing speed to enable pilots to board and disembark may not sound like a significant burden on paper, it takes several tons of fuel and thus CO2 emissions to slow down and accelerate a ship that weighs several thousand tons. As a result, this contributes to the massive potential our solution has to impact the safety, economic and sustainability agendas.”

The partners note that the remote piloting system focuses on supporting rather than overriding the decision-making capabilities of the onboard crew. The crew retains full control over the vessel to ensure that operational command remains onboard, to reduce the risk of external interference.

Pilots can send navigational commands directly to the crew, who can respond and implement the guidance, but at no point does the remote piloting solution take over control to navigate the vessel.

The remote piloting project has been supported by ShippingLab, the Innovation Fund Denmark, the Danish Maritime Fund, and the Lauritzen Foundation.

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