90POE updates platform with new voyage management tools

90POE has announced that it has updated its OpenOcean STUDIO platform to introduce new commercial voyage management capabilities, integrated with its existing operational and performance management features.

The system works by leveraging real-time data and dynamic vessel profiles to deliver voyage estimates through its digital twin technology, virtualVESSEL. This allows for continuous adjustments to optimise commercial outcomes.

The platform converts its estimates into voyage plans with automatic population of details such as itinerary, costs, and revenue items, establishing a baseline profit and loss (P&L) report. In addition, every operational change is reflected in a live P&L statement, to support real-time decision making.

“Throughout our development journey, we have prioritised building a next-generation maritime platform that empowers post-fixture voyage execution and overall operational efficiency,” said Richard Buckley, Founder and CEO of 90POE.

“I am thrilled to announce the completion of our commercial voyage management integration within OpenOcean STUDIO. This groundbreaking addition goes beyond standard features, offering customers the unprecedented benefit of real-time operational insights feeding directly into commercial voyage management and chartering processes.”

“OpenOcean STUDIO delivers a level of dynamic visibility unmatched in the market. Core modules and information seamlessly flow through the platform, ensuring crucial elements like vessel performance and consumption data are readily available. This allows for real-time TCE (Time Charter Equivalent) capture and tracking throughout the voyage, providing a unique window into profitability and performance optimisation.”

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