Shipnet integrates with Source2Sea for maritime procurement

Maritime software provider Shipnet has partnered with procurement platform Source2Sea to allow for PunchOut catalogue integration between the firms’ respective technologies, to simplify product selection and purchasing for ship supplies.

A PunchOut catalogue is a standard online B2B eCommerce arrangement that allows third-party applications to connect directly to a procurement database, enabling companies to streamline purchasing through the incorporation of processes such as automation of authentication and cart order transfer between buyer and supplier systems.

The move will allow Shipnet users to access Source2Sea’s marketplace without leaving their original application, optimising the ordering process and supporting the creation and maintenance of procurement product data within the Shipnet software.

The integration removes the manual work involved in linking procurement systems with supplier catalogues and product data, allowing curated and controlled catalogues to be made accessible to the vessel crew that only contain the specific products and suppliers approved by the purchasing team.

When creating an order in Shipnet, the user automatically gets logged onto the Source2Sea platform, where they can view pre-agreed buyer specific catalogues with images, product descriptions, and buyer specific prices. Orders can be built from within the application from the pre-approved list.

“As an ex-seafarer, I’m familiar with the frustration when you have submitted a requisition, only for a replacement or completely different item to turn up later. The online catalogues eliminate that risk and will be a fantastic resource for vessel crews,” said Niall Jack, Product Management Director at Shipnet.

“The fact that we can integrate directly into the Shipnet ONE procurement flow, maintaining approval flows and work queues that our customers are familiar with, only adds to the value of the partnership.”

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