Fleet-wide cyber security rollout for Fleet Management

Fleet Management Limited has signed an agreement with classification society ABS to implement a new cyber security system across the shipmanager’s 220-vessel liquid cargo fleet, based on ABS’ FCI Cyber Risk model.

The system is being rolled out to ensure compliance with IMO requirements that cyber security be addressed in Safety Management Systems by January 2021, and to stay in line with best practice guidelines like those from TMSA3, SIRE, BIMCO, IACS and Rightship

“Our safety consciousness and value-added services have always been key drivers of our 24-year growth,” said Kishore Rajvanshy, Managing Director, Fleet Management Limited.

“New digital technologies not only bring about considerable opportunities to the maritime industry, but also introduce potential new vulnerabilities. That’s why we are continually innovating and investing in technology to stay ahead of the curve and ensure our vessels operate to the highest safety and technical standards.”

The ABS FCI (Functions, Connections, Identities) Cyber Risk model was developed following a two-year research contract between ABS and the Maritime Security Center—a US Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence—led by Stevens Institute of Technology and the US Department of Defense.

Launched in June 2018, the model is used to quantify cyber security risk and provide owners and operators with a practical, actionable strategy to reduce that risk on board a vessel.

“Until now, cyber risk assessment methods were largely qualitative. The ABS FCI Cyber Risk model calculates a cyber risk score and demonstrates how specific FCI alterations reduce the level of risk,” said Russell Medeiros, Vice President, ABS Advanced Solutions.

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