Bahri Ship Management to implement IoT platform with Alpha Ori

Bahri Ship Management has agreed a new contract with Alpha Ori Technologies in Singapore to deploy the SMARTShip IoT platform on 40 vessels in the Bahri fleet.

The contract was agreed after the successful completion of a three-month trial on one of Bahri’s VLCCs.

SMARTShip is used to connect to and extract data from shipboard machinery, including navigation, cargo and engine control systems. Data is collected at 30 second intervals and exported to the Alpha Ori Cloud, where machine learning algorithms are applied to identify potential improvements in vessel management and fuel consumption, and to underpin predictive maintenance schedules.

The application also offers customisable reporting, a geo location-based alarm system, charter party dashboards, remote monitoring and diagnostics.

“Since its founding Alpha Ori’s endeavour has been to step up the digital roadmap for the shipping industry by delivering secure and sustainable solutions, optimising vessel performance, cost savings and reducing pain points,” said Bala Sankaran, Co-CEO of Alpha Ori.

“With SMARTShip, AOT (Alpha Ori Technologies) has delivered on its promises to our customers and we are confident that Bahri will benefit from this partnership.”

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