EU to deploy Windward predictive intelligence platform to monitor drug trafficking

The Maritime Analysis and Operations Centre-Narcotics (MAOC-N), an EU Law Enforcement unit created to respond to the threat of illicit drug trafficking by air and sea, has agreed a new partnership with maritime predictive intelligence firm Windward to use its platform to combat illicit behaviour in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

MAOC-N will use the platform to improve the Centre’s capabilities to profile and monitor vessels of interest and track down traffickers before smuggled goods reach Europe’s shores. Data will be shared across borders as part of a collaborative European effort, to enhance overall intelligence.

MAOC-N produces intelligence reports on these activities and is reliant on open-source data that is ultimately admissible in a court of law. Windward’s Predictive Intelligence is based on 300 behavioural analytics models and over 10 billion data points collected over the span of eight years, relying on thousands of case studies and parameters including vessel routes, speeds, and unusual changes in course to predict, in real-time, which vessels are likely to be involved in illicit activities.

“Windward’s maritime Predictive Intelligence solution is powerful, highly accurate, and has become an integral component in our fight against drug smuggling throughout Europe,” said Michael O’Sullivan, Executive Director of MAOC-N.

“We are using Windwards’ AI platform to monitor illicit maritime activity and the AIS data has proven to be of the highest quality. Combined with our existing analytics we have significant visibility into the broader maritime landscape, enabling MAOC-N to collaborate globally and across borders.”

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