Carl Baguhn and METIS partner on improving vessel environmental performance

Engine maintenance and repair company Carl Baguhn has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with maritime software firm METIS Cyberspace Technology to work together on improving the environmental performance of ships through the application of data analytics on shipboard machinery.

Under the brand name ‘GreenFuture’, Carl Baguhn Hamburg collaborates with its sister companies Carl Baguhn Barranquilla and Twinco Singapore to convert energy-production systems on ships and in stationary power plants to run on alternative fuels such as LNG.

One of METIS’s key responsibilities will be to process and analyse data collected from energy-production plants, engines and auxiliary systems using its sensor-based and wireless-transmission technology. It will also set up digital twins and deploy artificial intelligence to assist with early fault detection and predictive maintenance.

“We are proud to add our digital services and data-analytics capabilities to Carl Baguhn’s expertise in engine optimisation and retrofitting,” said Serafim Katsikas, Chief Technical Officer, METIS Cyberspace Technology.

“This strategic, interdisciplinary collaboration allows us to expand our business portfolio while making a significant contribution to a more sustainable future for the shipping sector and beyond.”

METIS has already taken steps to support decarbonisation efforts in the industry by joining the EU-backed ENGIMMONIA project, which officially began in May 2021 and aims to promote the global adoption of alternative fuels – namely ammonia – in shipping.

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