Satcom Global launches VNO offering for VSAT service providers

Satcom Global has launched a new service offering to allow third party partners to offer their own VSAT packages to customers under a VNO (virtual network operator) arrangement.

The VNO Elite service will offer partners who collaborate with Satcom Global the ability to operate their own customisable ‘white label’ VSAT products, allowing them to control their own customers’ bandwidth down to 24-hour billing increments.

Satcom Global is also offering free rental of its IPSignature 4 network management box and an iDirect Modem alongside the service, with ‘no commitment’ contracts if the end-users already have a Ku-band antenna onboard.

Service provider partners will have access to a communications platform to manage on-demand VSAT bandwidth and functionality, allowing them to view, access and control customers’ vessel and fleet satellite connectivity in line with changing demands. Upgrades, downgrades and service suspensions can also be performed on-demand via the portal.

“With VNO Elite, we have redefined the way partners purchase and manage their VSAT service. Our VNO Elite partners will have the power to adapt their offering to the needs of their end customers in a more fluid way without penalties or prohibitive lengthy contracts,” said Ian Robinson, CEO at Satcom Global.

“We are breaking down the barriers and removing the traditional restrictions offered by our competitors, to empower our trusted and specialised network of service providers to offer a high performance VSAT service with true on-demand bandwidth.”

APIs will be made available for partners to integrate the Satcom Global platform with their existing customer portals, to maintain branding customisation for public web pages and support platforms. A range of network statistics and metrics, live vessel tracking, Ku-band coverage beam status, and invoicing and management information is also available via the online service.

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