Oldendorff Carriers buys stake in Alpha Ori Technologies

Dry bulk operator Oldendorff Carriers has announced a new agreement to invest in Singapore-headquartered maritime technology provider Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT), with the shipping company hoping to benefit from the firm’s products while also supporting its expansion into the wider maritime market.

“Having considered various cleantech, optimisation and fuel savings products on the market, we believe AOT has the right mix of talent, technologies and futuristic vision to be a transformative force in shaping the future of the maritime industry,” said Peter Twiss, CEO of Oldendorff Carriers.

“With this investment we not only want to support the digitalisation and decarbonisation journey of our industry but also benefit from it directly.”

A representative of Oldendorff Carriers will join the AOT board under the terms of the deal.

AOT’s range of products includes SMARTShip, SMARTVoyager, ShipPalm and VIO, used to analyse real-time data and support better decision making.

“Oldendorff’s investment is testament to management’s confidence in our vision, our state-of-the-art digital solutions and the cutting-edge technologies that AOT is using to transform the shipping industry,” said Captain Rajesh Unni, founder and Co-CEO of AOT, and founder and CEO of the Synergy Group.

“Our digital solutions harness the power of data, shaping it into insights that enable our customers to make effective decisions in a timely manner. We are extremely proud of our association with Oldendorff and look forward to partnering in future-proofing its fleet.”

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