Arribatec sells Performance software division to Oceanly for €900k

Arribatec Group has completed a a deal to sell the Performance application offered by its Arribatec Marine division to Oceanly, a newly-formed software company wholly-owned by ESA Group, a Genoa-based ship management company.

The sale, valued at €900,000, includes IP rights for the vessel performance monitoring and voyage management system, as well as the transfer of existing customer contracts and a team of eleven employees to ESA Group.

Arribatec Marine will maintain ownership of the rest of its Infoship asset management software portfolio following the deal, which will remain the core focus for the company following its restructuring.

“The divestment meets Arribatec Marine’s intention of restructuring our organisation around our native core business: the development of the asset management operating software Infoship, which comprises tailored solutions for the maintenance, procurement, safety, and quality compliance of all the assets onboard any kind of vessel,” said Agostino Fiorentino, CEO of Arribatec Marine.

“The divestment of Performance concludes Arribatec Marine’s transformation, allowing us to invest in profitable growth in our most attractive segments, cargo and cruise.”

Arribatec Group took control of the Infoship maritime software portfolio from Italian firm IB Marine following a takeover agreement at the end of 2020, in a deal worth €1.6 million.

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