Remote support from shipznet consolidated into toolkit package

A Remote Guidance Toolkit consisting of a smart headset, software and connectivity has been added to the shipznet range by German maritime GSM data firm bobz.

The shipznet RG 300 toolkit includes a voice-controlled ‘Streamer’ headset to allow a remote technician to virtually support users on-site, connected to a 4G/LTE antenna and router on the vessel at a distance of up to 50m. bobz had previously announced a deal with hardware firm Kiber to incorporate its head mounted unit into the shipznet range.

The Streamer software has been developed by shipznet specifically for maritime use, with voice controls allowing users to call the remote support team, change settings or mute the audio or video stream handsfree.

The remote support team on the other end of the connection can share screens, annotate the video feed or send text messages if speech communication is hampered by noisy environments.

The web-based application can be accessed by relevant users on board or ashore as required without the need for any software installation. The system is hosted in Germany, though bobz says it has plans to extend the infrastructure to offer additional hosting options in locations like Singapore.

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